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Two Business Models: Godfather II and Superman III

I spend a fair bit of time explaining how our business works. It isn’t very complicated. It’s different from others and for that reason people assume it’s sophisticated. I thought I would summarise how most businesses in financial services work. … Read More

Posted on 12/05/12

I forgot to be omnipotent

I made my daughter cry on the weekend as I forgot to be omnipotent. On Saturday we went bowling, just her and I, while her mum was away in London. Aside from the bowling we played on a few slot … Read More

Posted on 03/05/12

Apple obsession

The current obsession with Apple has now gone too far. It’s difficult to get through the day without a spurious link between financial services and Apple or Steve Jobs.It’s typically product manufacturers who are most guilty and for whom the … Read More

Posted on 25/01/12

Picking Your Moment

Anyone who’s built and run a business for any length of time might recognise this. When you start out, you do everything. Marketing, selling, accounts, the actual work your being paid for of course. Everything. Then you take on more … Read More

Posted on 17/01/12