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Operations Director at threesixty (formerly known as Head of IT), making change happen. Technology, social networking, risk and trying to stay injury free. Please follow me on twitter (@tim_kc_ng).

Due Diligence on the Cloud

This post has been inspired by the fact that more and more of our clients are moving towards using cloud services in one form and another – queries about due diligence are increasingly being asked. Cloud services are here to … Read More

Posted on 03/09/13

Measuring the Success of a new IT system

Common theme I come across regarding IT is whether a business should invest in IT? What benefit would it bring? This is usually because benefit in this case equates to the cost of the system and is also usually the … Read More

Posted on 22/08/13

Cloud Storage

Post inspired by a query via Twitter. More and more people are starting to backup or store their data online believing it more secure. But is it really? Probably. But do you understand all the risks? You are probably aware … Read More

Posted on 09/02/12

2012: Armageddon – Cookies and Compliance with ePrivacy Directive

The year is 2012 and some believe that this is the year that the world will end – doom sayers point to the fact that this was predicted thousands of years ago by the Mayans. Undoubtedly this will be a … Read More

Posted on 06/02/12

Collaboration is the name of the game for Social media

While tweeting at work (don’t tell the boss) it occurred to me that the way we communicate has fundamentally changed (I am a bit slow on the up take) – gone are the geographical restrictions, gone is the anonymity; here … Read More

Posted on 02/11/11

Storm clouds gathering – is the cloud right for you?

I have been thinking recently about cloud services (sad I know). There are countless articles and blogs about the cloud, what it is, why you would want it – so I won’t cover any of that here. It is a … Read More

Posted on 18/10/11

The new rules on electronic marketing and cookies – are you ready?

On 26th May 2011, the amended Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations came into force, covering all aspects of electronic marketing. Overview The change in regulations was driven by a European Directive (E-Privacy Directive 2002/58/EC) from Brussels and was drafted specifically … Read More

Posted on 27/09/11